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UNILAG school fees

UNILAG School Fees for 2024/2025 Academic Session

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Are you interested in knowing how much is UNILAG School Fees 2024? You’re on the right page.

The management of University of Lagos has released the school fees for the 2024/25 academic session. So how much is it?

Starting your university adventure means figuring out things like school fees. Today, we’ll talk about UNILAG School Fees in a way that’s easy to understand.

UNILAG, or the University of Lagos, is a cool place for learning. Now, when it comes to money stuff, UNILAG tries to keep it fair. The fees are not too high, just average, making it possible for lots of students to join in on the learning fun.

But here’s the trick: different courses cost different amounts. So, if you’re into science or arts, the fees might be a bit different. And whether you’re starting your first degree or going for extra studies after, like in postgraduate, the fees change too.

As you read this post, we’ll break down the details, so you know exactly what to expect. This article will help you understand UNILAG School Fees without any confusing bits. Ready to learn more? Let’s proceed….

Note: As we proceed down with the content, you’ll see the breakdown of the various fees you’re supposed to pay as an entry student into UNILAG, and as a returning students. Moreover, watch out for related searches, we’ll provide answers for them towards the end of this article.

Break Down of UNILAG School Fees for 2024/205 Academic Session

New Students Total Fees:

  • ₦116,325.00 (Without Lab/Studio)
  • ₦166,300.00 (With Lab/Studio)

Returning Students:

  • ₦80,750.00 (Without Lab/Studio)
  • ₦120,250.00 (With Lab/Studio)

Medical/Pharmacy Students Total Fees:

  • ₦170,250.00

Itemised Charges Breakdown

  1. Tuition: NIL
  2. Registration: ₦15,000.00 (₦10,000.00 for returning students)
  3. Identity Card: ₦5,000.00
  4. Result Verification: ₦5,500.00 (New Students Only)
  5. Examinations: ₦15,000.00 (₦10,000.00 for returning students)
  6. Library Services: ₦15,000.00 (₦10,000.00 for returning students)
  7. Information Tech/Entrepreneurship: ₦15,000.00
  8. Students Handbook: ₦5,000.00 (New Students Only)
  9. Laboratory/Studio: Variable, up to ₦89,500.00 for Medical/Pharmacy Students
  10. Accreditation: ₦5,825.00 (₦5,750.00 for returning students)
  11. Medical Services: ₦10,000.00 (₦5,000.00 for returning students)
  12. TISHIP: ₦5,000.00
  13. Sports: ₦10,000.00
  14. Matriculation: ₦5,000.00 (New Students Only)
  15. Endowment Fund: ₦5,000.00

Additional Mandatory Charges

In addition to the above fees, you’re required to pay an additional fees which we’ll break down below:

  1. Utility Charge: ₦15,000 (For all undergraduate students)
  2. Convocation Fee: ₦27,000 (For all final year students)
  3. Toxicology Charge: ₦10,000 (For all new students).

How Much is UNILAG School Fees for Freshers?

The school fees for freshers can vary based on your chosen course. Generally, UNILAG strives to keep fees reasonable, making education accessible. As a new student, it’s crucial to check the official UNILAG website or contact the university for the most accurate and up-to-date information on your specific course.

You can check above: The breakdown of the school fee is there. The fee ranges from ₦125,000 to ₦178,000 depending on your course.

How Much is UNILAG School Fees for Direct Entry?

If you’re joining UNILAG through Direct Entry, congratulations on taking a direct route to higher education! Direct Entry students also have different fee structures compared to freshers entering through the regular admission process.

The fees can still vary based on your chosen course of study. Ensure you consult the official UNILAG channels for the latest details tailored to Direct Entry admissions.

Note: The Direct entry students are entitled to pay the same amount of money as the Freshers which includes acceptance fee, and other payments discussed above.

UNILAG School Fees for Medicine

Medicine, a noble and challenging field, often has specific fee considerations due to the nature of the program. UNILAG’s medical school is renowned, but it’s essential to note that fees for medicine might differ from other courses.

The fee is ₦170,250.00 for the 2024/25 academic session. Aspiring doctors are advised to check the official UNILAG sources for the most accurate and detailed information regarding school fees for the Medicine program.

How Much is UNILAG School Fees Per Semester?

Understanding the breakdown of school fees per semester is very important for budgeting and planning. However UNILAG typically structures its fees on a per-session basis.

The exact amount can vary depending on your course and level of study. The payment for Nursing sciences at UNILAG for 2024/25 session is ₦145,000. The payment for Medical/Pharmacy is ₦170,250.00, so you can see the differences.

It’s highly recommended to consult the official UNILAG channels or financial office for precise details on how much you’ll be paying.

How Much is UNILAG School Fees for Computer Science?

For students aspiring to study Computer Science at UNILAG, the school fees will be tailored to the specific requirements of the program. The fees cover various aspects, including tuition, administrative costs, and other facilities. The fee is ₦130,000.

To get the most accurate and up-to-date information, it’s best to check the official UNILAG website or contact the university’s financial office directly.

How Much is UNILAG School Fees for Nursing?

Nursing, being a noble profession, also have specific fee considerations at UNILAG. The The payment for Nursing sciences at UNILAG for 2024/25 session is ₦145,000.

How Much is Hostel in UNILAG?

The cost of hostel accommodation at UNILAG can depend on various factors, including the type of hostel, room configuration, and whether it’s university-managed or private. Here are some few halls and their breakdown:

  • Moremi Hall: N55,000 (4-bedded room)
  • Mariere Hall: N55,000 (4-bedded room)
  • Fagunwa Hall: N55,000 (4-bedded room)
  • Honors Hostel: N50,000 (4-bedded room)

How Much is UNILAG Acceptance Fee?

The acceptance fee is a one-time payment made by newly admitted students to secure their spot at UNILAG. Actually, the University of Lagos (UNILAG) acceptance fee for the 2024/2025 academic session is pegged at ₦20,000.00 (Twenty Thousand Naira).

Note: It is important refer to the official UNILAG admission portal or contact the university’s admission office for the most accurate information on acceptance fees. Paying the acceptance fee is a crucial step in the admission process, so make sure to have the correct details to facilitate a smooth start to your academic journey at UNILAG.

We hope that you enjoyed our content on University of Lagos School Fees 2024/25 session? Kindly share if you do. You can drop your comment for us in the comment section below.

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