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UNILAG school fees

UNILAG Postgraduate School Fees 2024/2025

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UNILAG Postgraduate School Fees 2024/25:- Welcome to UNILAG, the University of Lagos is a big school in Nigeria. It’s a special place where students learn and dream big. We want to talk about something important for students: school fees. Yes, the money you need for your studies.

The management of the University of Lagos has released the school fees of postgraduate students for the 2024/25 academic session.

This is why we have taken our time to compile the list across all faculties for you. Now, you’ve to understand that UNILAG has different fees for students. If you’re just starting or already in the university, you need to know about these fees. We’ll make it simple, so you understand everything easily.

For those starting their studies, like in the first years, there are fees for things like classes, where you live (like in a hostel), and some other small things. We want you to know exactly what you’re paying for, so you can plan well.

Now, if you’re thinking about going for more studies after your first degree, that’s postgraduate. It’s a bit different, and we’ll break it down. Not only that, but the fees change depending on what you want to study – whether it’s science, arts, or business. We’ll guide you through all of that.

We understand students in Nigeria want to study and grow. So, we’re going to help you understand UNILAG postgraduate school fees. This will make it easier for you to decide and plan your future at this great university. Stick around, and we’ll make it all clear for you.

University of Lagos (UNILAG) Postgraduate School Fees 2024/2025

All Postgraduate students who are entering the university of Lagos for 2024/25 academic session are required to pay the following amount of money:

  1. Acceptance fees: N61,500
  2. Prospectus fees: N5,000
  3. Departmental fees: Range from N3,000 to N20,000, depending on the department.
  4. Accommodation fees: N58,000 (optional)


The UNILAG school fees structures for postgraduate programs in the faculty of arts are as follows:

  • PGD Philosophy: N75,000
  • M.A Translation In French: N75,000
  • M.A English: N75,000

Each program carries a tuition fee of N75,000, ensuring uniformity across the different postgraduate offerings.


  • M.Sc Mass Communication (2 Sessions) – N75,000
  • PGD Mass Communication (3 Semesters) – N100,000
  • M.Sc Economics (4 Semesters) – N75,000
  • PGD Economics (3 Semesters) – N90,000
  • M.Sc Geographic Information Systems (2 Sessions) – N120,000
  • PGD Geographic Information Systems (2 Semesters) – N75,000
  • M.Sc Transport Management and Planning (3 Semesters) – N120,000
  • PGD Transport Management and Planning (2 Semesters) – N120,000
  • M.SC Political Science (3 Semesters) – N90,000
  • Master of Public Administration (MPA) (2 Semesters) – N112,000
  • Master of Public and International Affairs (MPIA) (2 Semesters) – N112,000
  • Master in Managerial Psychology (4 Semesters) – N150,000
  • M.Sc Psychology (2 Semesters) – N75,000
  • M.Sc Sociology (2 Semesters) – N75,000.


Below is the breakdown of the UNILAG postgraduate tuition fees for students in the faculty of business administration.

  • Masters in Business Administration (Executive) (2 Sessions) – N1.8 million
  • M.SC Development Finance – N600,000 per session (2 sessions in all)
  • M.Sc Finance (Finance) (3 Semesters) – N100,000
  • M.Sc Banking and Finance (2 Sessions) – N150,000
  • Masters in Business Administration (2 Semesters) – N150,000
  • M.SC Industrial and Labor Relations (MILR) (2 Sessions) – N112,500
  • M.Sc Marketing (Business Administration) (2 Semesters) – N75,000
  • M.Sc Operations Research (Business Administration) – N75,000
  • M.Sc Production & Operations Management (Business Administration) – N75,000
  • M.Sc Organizational Behavior (Business Administration) – N75,000
  • M.Sc Accounting – N90,000
  • M.SC Risk Management and Insurance – N75,000
  • PGD Accounting – N75,000
  • M.Sc Actuarial Science – N75,000
  • M.A English – N75,000
  • M.A Translation In French – N75,000
  • PGD Philosophy – N75,000


  • Masters in Natural Resources Management (4 Semesters) – N75,000
  • M.Sc Botany and Microbiology (2 Semesters) – N90,000
  • Masters in Environmental Management (4 Semesters) – N120,000
  • PGD Environmental Management (2 Semesters) – N60,000
  • M.Sc Information Technology (2 Sessions) – N225,000
  • PGD Computer Science (3 Semesters) – N150,000
  • M.Sc Mathematics (2 Semesters) – N90,000
  • M.Sc Chemistry (2 Semesters) – N90,000
  • PGD Mathematics (3 Semesters) – N75,000
  • M.Sc Statistics (2 Semesters) – N90,000
  • PGD Statistics (3 Semesters) – N75,000
  • Masters in Applied Geophysics (4 Semesters) – N75,000
  • PGD Applied Geophysics (2 Semesters) – N60,000
  • M.Sc Physics – N90,000
  • M.Sc Industrial Chemistry – N90,000
  • M.Sc Environmental Toxicology and Pollution Management Programme (Department charges) – N90,000
  • M.Sc Geoscience – N150,000
  • M.Sc Biochemistry – N90,000
  • M.Sc Biomedical Engineering – N90,000
  • M.Sc Fisheries – N75,000
  • Masters of Aquatic Resources and Pollution Management – N75,000
  • Masters of Natural Resources – N75,000


PG students under the faculty of arts are required to pay the following amount of money:

  • Masters in ICT Policy – N80,000
  • PGD in ICT Policy – N75,000
  • PGD Environmental Design – N100,000
  • M.Ed Educational Administration & Planning (Educational Administration) 3 Semesters – N75,000
  • PGD Educational Administration & Planning (Educational Administration) 3 Semesters – N60,000
  • M.Ed Comparative Education (Educational foundations) 4 Semesters – N60,000
  • M.Ed Measurement and Evaluation (Educational foundations) 4 Semesters – N60,000
  • M.Ed Educational Psychology (Educational foundations) 4 Semesters – N60,000
  • M.Ed Sociology (Educational foundations) 4 Semesters – N60,000
  • B.Ed Degree in Early Childhood Education (Educational foundations) 5 Semesters – N50,000
  • PGDE – N75,000
  • PGD Guidance and counselling – N100,000
  • Business Education – N75,500
  • M.Ed Measurement and Evaluation – N75,000
  • PGD Education Sandwich – N70,000
  • M.Ed. Education Sandwich – N70,000


Here’s a breakdown of the University of Lagos tuition fees for Postgraduates in the faculty of environmental science

  • Masters in Architecture (1 Session) – N120,000
  • Master of Landscape Architecture (1 Session) – N120,000
  • M.Sc Project Management (Building) 2 Sessions – N150,000
  • PGD Environmental Design (Estate Management) 3 Semesters – N65,000
  • M.Sc Urban and Regional Planning (1 Session) – N75,000
  • Masters of Facility Management (Per Session) – N150,000
  • M.Sc Construction Management (1 Session) – N75,000


  • M.Sc Process Engineering (MPE) 2 Sessions – N150,000
  • M.Sc Chemical Engineering (1 Session) – N75,000
  • PGD Chemical Engineering (1 Session) – N75,000
  • M.Sc Civil Engineering (1 Session) – N75,000
  • M.Sc Structural Engineering (1 Session) – N75,000
  • M.Sc Water Resources and Environmental Engineering – N75,000
  • M.Sc Highway and Traffic Engineering (1 Session) – N75,000
  • M.Sc Electrical/Electronic Engineering (1 Session) – N75,000
  • M.Sc Mechanical Engineering (1 Session) – N75,000
  • PGD Electrical/Electronic Engineering (1 Session) – N75,000
  • Master of Geo-informatics (1 Session) – N75,000
  • M.SC MET & MAT (1 Session) – N75,000
  • PGD MET & MAT Engineering (2 Sessions) – N75,000
  • PGD Geo-informatics (1 Session plus one Semester for Project and fieldwork) – N60,000
  • M.Sc Geology (Tuition: N150,000, Field Work: N60,000)
  • M.Sc Geophysics (Tuition: N90,000, Field Work: N60,000)


  • Master’s Degree in Humanitarian and Refugee Studies (4 Semesters) – N90,000
  • Masters in International Law and Diplomacy (MILD) (2 Sessions) – N100,000
  • Master of Law (LLM) (2 Sessions – Part-Time) – N150,000
  • Master of Law (LLM) (1 Session – Full Time) – N150,000
  • Master Dispute Resolution (4 Semesters) – N1.6 million


  • M. Sc Public Health (Community Health) 2 Sessions – N150,000
  • All other courses in the College of Medicine – Tuition: N90,000 (excluding departmental charges, which vary per department/course)
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry – N90,000

About The University of Lagos (UNILAG)

The University of Lagos, known as UNILAG, is a prominent educational institution situated in Nigeria. Established in 1962, it has played a vital role in providing quality education to students from diverse backgrounds.

Academic Excellence

UNILAG stands as a beacon of academic excellence because it fosters a conducive environment for learning. With a commitment to delivering quality education, the institution has become a respected centre for intellectual development in Nigeria.

Campus Infrastructure

The physical structure of UNILAG is expansive, with well-designed buildings and facilities. The campus comprises classrooms, laboratories, libraries, and recreational spaces, which ensure good and holistic learning experience for students.

Diverse Courses Offered

One of the remarkable features of UNILAG is its diverse range of academic programs. Students have the opportunity to choose from a variety of courses, including sciences, arts, and business-related disciplines. This comprehensive offering allows individuals to explore and pursue their academic interests.

Faculty Expertise

UNILAG boasts a team of experienced and knowledgeable faculty members who play an important role in shaping the educational landscape. These educators are dedicated to impacting knowledge, nurturing critical thinking skills, and guiding students on their academic journey.

Student Life

Beyond academics, UNILAG provides a vibrant student life experience. The campus is a place of activities, offering students opportunities to participate in clubs, societies, and events. This amazing and enriching atmosphere contributes to the development of students.

Research and Innovation

The University of Lagos also encourages research and innovation. This contribute to advancements in various fields. The institution encourage an environment where students can engage in research activities, boosting a spirit of curiosity and discovery.

Community Engagement

UNILAG actively engages with the community, promoting social responsibility and awareness. Through various outreach programs and initiatives, the institution instills a sense of civic duty among its students which is an important role in shaping the future of the society.

We hope that you enjoyed our content on the UNILAG Postgraduates tuition fees. Whether you’re aspiring for UNILAG or you’re just curious, we believe this information is enough for you!

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